Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Third Night

Somehow this slipped my mind when writing the last post, so I'll just leave it here for you. Sometime last week Amy complained that for a few nights I was sleeping right in the middle of the bed--and that I had both stolen the covers and could not be moved. The same day that she told me I made an extra effort to not sleep in the middle as a courtesy; but she seemed determined to get her payback regardless. After I crawled in I realized, not only was she super close to my side, she was clutching about a quarter of the covers to her chest and wouldn't give them back! Coincidence? I'm not sure I believe that!


  1. Wow! You are brave and tough to do this. I think I'd wimp out and try to find another option. But I didn't sleep well when I had a roommate in the same bedroom and we both had separate twn beds. Hollychihuahua on SB.

  2. The best revenge is living well. Losing sleep would drive me mad.

  3. Comment on a blog swap:
    My roomate is my dear husband and he does the same thing. But I think I will keep him.

  4. Jex at swap-bot

    i don´t know how I missed your blog I´m so sorry. I comment on all my partner´s blog the day Moni asigned partners =/

    Maybe the comments wasn´t able because I´m already a follower...anyway, nice blog I love the template =)

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