Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Second Night OR The Night that Wasn't

I'm the youngest of two children, spaced ten years apart; Amy is a middle child of a considerably lesser gap. Prior to this arrangement I hadn't shared a bed with anyone since I was 8, not including hotel beds and even those were scarce. I rarely even shared a room (and opted into single dorm rooms when I could). Since it is more familiar to me to be in my own bed, I thought my trip home for the holidays would provide a welcome break from sharing.

But no. I seem to have Stockholm Syndrome'd her. A week and a half now I've had difficulty falling asleep--or simply not rested well. For all her nocturnal annoyances, I can barely sleep without her. Amy has mentioned that she has also had sleeping problems, but that hers are, conversely, morning related. Amy's job sometimes requires her to wake up at four or five in the morning and she has been sleeping through her alarm (which almost never happens under normal circumstances)!

It is high time I went to bed. I will be so glad when this vacation is over; I will sleep so well!

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