Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Night

Naturally we have a backlog of--until now--undocumented nocturnal hijinks. Far too many to compress into a single post. In today's post I'll mention only a tiny bit of background info.

First, I tend to go to bed after Amy. I'm a student (who is smart enough to know I'll never get up in time for an 8 am) and she works full time. Often her schedule requires her to wake up at four or five in the morning to get ready so this is pretty routine for us. What is noteworthy, however, is that even our subconsciouses are on opposite internal clocks of annoyance. Without fail, it will be between the time I crawl in bed and fall asleep that Amy rolls over/shoves her stuffed bear in my face/tries to steal my pillow. Equally as consistent is my ability to perfectly place myself to annoy Amy the second she wakes up in the morning. Apparently I am a cuddly sleeper.


  1. Lol, that is adorable/hilarious. My sister and I are horrible when we sleep in the same bed. I grab all the sheets and leave my sister in the cold... :<

  2. This idea of yours is really too cute! :3 And damn, even with your blog posts (the latest in particular), you can tell you're writer. *envious glances*

    And curator? Curator to the living exhibit as well as a subject in it? You're too great. ;D

    PS. This is Mimi aka akutenshi666 who'd like this to be her first followed blog... if she can figure out how to do that. -_-;;;;

  3. @Mimi

    I wanted to let you know that I know have the ability to reply to comments! YAY ^o^

    Thanks for your complements (>.> deja vu XD). I feel so honored to be your first followed blog! I hope you continue to enjoy it ^^

  4. I honestly don't know how you do it! I have enough trouble sharing my bed with the dog. Good luck in your adventure.